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Hey everyone, I have been following this game for quite some time now. Watching all of the streams and following the forums, and I would just like to take note that the community that has been built up around the development of this game is one of the finest that I have ever seen. Congratulations to the developers on the huge success and I can’t wait to see more.

P.S. I love the layout of the Forum itself, and it is very well moderated. Well done! :smile:


welcome aboard @SynysterMuskrat :smile:

well, i can’t take all the credit say i blame you… this place is pretty awesome… :wink:

dont forget, there’s another live stream tonight! (4PM PST) :+1:


It helps to have @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 as mods really, even if it does normally seem like they’re using us all as pawns, forcing us to dance against our will and convincing us to send them all of our money :smile:


which reminds me… your monthly “tribute” is late… :moneybag:


I can when the weeks over and win the modelli…oh wait. Well when I win the write…oh wait. Errrm, errrm, errrm. Give me like a year and I might be able to win one of your competitions and simply pay you back what I win? Please don’t beat me with your shoe :shoe: :cold_sweat:


I’m not sure where to post it so i’ll post it here. Um i preordered Stone Hearth one day after the kick starter ended or something like that and i didn’t have an account. How will you know that I preordered it?

When you preordered it, you would have put an email address in at some stage in the process.

You should then have possible received a confirmation email of that preorder, be it from the humble bundle or from paypal to confirm your transaction.

Have you checked your email?

Either way the team will have the email you used to preorder and so will contact that address when the game is released! Nothing to worry about :smile:

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Trust me, I’m on top of all them live streams!