Great Job Radiant!

I have to say I am Impressed With Radiant! Not only do you guys Live steam 2 days a week and listen to our input! You constantly push out updates and fixes for the game!

More Developers need to pay attention to what is happening here and wake up! Especially when i comes to early access!

I just wanted to give you guys a pat on the back and say what a great job you are doing!

@Stonehearth @sdee @Ponder and @the rest of the Team!


Seconded :smiley:

Even though i can’t see most streams live (Sometimes sleep is necessary) it is really nice that you take the time to communicate with the community and still can keep up the pace.


There are only 2 games that i love since almost 2 years and were the Devs are really great!

One of this is drum roll STONEHEARTH!

I can only say you make an fantastic work - and every week i am strung to breaking point for the new updates or news^^

Like the other has sayed: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


well said folks! I think we all knew early on that this would be a different type of indie developer …

but even after all this time, the team still continues to delight and amaze… :smile:



I’ll drink to that!

I couldn’t agree more that Radiant has gone above and beyond the call of duty with transparency, and work on this game. It seems like every time I turn around there is a new test build and the game takes another giant leap forward.


Thank you Radiant Team! You are 1 of 3 EA (as in Early Access not the… yeah that Co.) groups that I will actually follow throughout this development process and in to future projects (If you decide to do them). Refreshing experience.