Thank you developers!

Hello there everyone who stumbled upon my thread.
I just quickly wanted to throw out a big THANK YOU to the developers and all the other members of the team (moderators, leaders, helpers etc.) who put such an effort into this game.
The whole development team is listening to the community and their suggestions, and you show us that you care! You’re also constantly updating the game and you’re not just randomly stopping the process of making it even more awesome.
Through your actions I can see how much you care about us as well as about the game itself!

Thanks again, for making the community and the game an awesome place to be and just hang out.

Stay awesome, Stonehearth Team and fellow leaders of Radiant Entertainment!

Have a good one, cheers. This beer goes out to you


hey there @Alpha_Centauri… welcome aboard! :smile:

very nice of you to share your beers feelings like that… :+1:

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Thanks Steve! Hope to see you around! :smile:


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