Thank You Team Radiant!

From me to all of TR, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For all the time y’all spent making the game and trying to get it to the point its at and at such a small team. For listening and communicating with the players and testers. I know and understand things can be demanding and hard at times frustrating too.

Y’all tried to do something from scratch, build ur own engine and make your own content. Making loop campaigns and ect ect. I have been around since A6 and stuck around through them all, sometimes I disappeared but I never once stopped playing even if it was tidbits, I tested and played every Alpha and refused to use mods in the game to actually test the base game. Not only that but I learned both builders (the first being a pain) and learned what worked and didn’t work. Y’all know me I would push the limits of the game with all hearths (50) and massive builds to see what it would do (RavenLoft) I have gotten so much time out of this game 1000 play time on steam and about another 1100 play time before steam and enjoyed it all, bugs and all. I learned to work around them as I posted them on forums and y’all fixed them.

So thank you, for giving me the enjoyment of time and thank you for making this game and for making this game to what it is today, even though you all know you was limited by the engine. Thank you for everything. I hope everyone there does well with their next steps in life and projects, Also thank you for the time at Pax it was fun and awesome to meet you all. And awesome to show off the game to others.

The only thing i wished was that I KS this game when it was up, but alas it was over by the time i came along and found this game 4 years ago. Also if y’all ever just to hang and talk or play SH together yall know where to find me. im here or just e-mail me or hit me up on steam

Im always willing for a game, if I’m not building templates lol and building my lore kingdom

Always remember Silverthorn is just around the corner, stop by Tree Top Inn