Towards new horizons!

Dear Team Radiant :merry: :heartpulse:

Thank you for all you have done!
Thank you for sharing your journey with us!
Thank you for your honesty!
Thank you for inspiration!
Thank you for creating a platform where we can unleash creativity into the world!
And Thank you for stacking up firewood next to this (Discourse) hearth, so we all had the oportunities to get to know eachother across this wast ball of dirt and wapor, that we all share!

My time here is comming to an end, but what a journey it has been! I have completed the game many times, with many aproaches and my steamaccount tells me that i have spent 1487 hours playing Stonehearth… That is what i see as an investment that cant go wrong and would with the knowledge i have today of the endresult, do it again with no hesitation :jubilant: :fire:

I have (besides the time of entertainment playing the game) learned so much about making games, coding, design, art, social interaction and insights into the normally closed gameindustry.

The visions about SH might not have come to the perfect result, but on the other hand, you have managed to create something else, than just another game for people to play.
You have showed that by being open towards the player/customer and involving us in your process, there is new ways to create games that strech far beyond sales numbers and economy! :evergreen_tree:

At times i have defended you, other times i have been shaking my fist at you.
In the end i will miss you all and always think back at the members of team Radiant with no exeptions as my friends and great individuals :ocean:

I wish you well on your travels and remember that when the sun sets behind the mountain, dreams will take form and the dawn will give oportunities to chase them.
May the wind guide you and bless your hunt. :tornado:

Yours truly
Kristian Frost Nielsen.


Give this man a cookie!

On a more serious note, in my short time i’ve been “involved” with Stonehearth’s development, i’ve been trying my best to submit any and all bugs i came across and tried being as thorough with information providing for said bugs, it’s been a great experience like no other.

I’ve only been involved in the game for about a month or so, and in that time, racked up 111 hours played, the game is special in the way that, it provides freeform building, and colony survival, Rimworld did wonders for me, but the 2dimentional plane always bugged me. and stonehearth is diffrent.

The story of how i first heard of this game was from a kickstarter backer friend of mine, and when i asked “dyou think this game is for me” she awnsered me with the following
“Prolly but it’s buggy as all hell and lacks depth atm i feel”, i think this was about a year if not longer ago. and it dissuaded me from looking into the game at that point in time, i’ve hit a stretch of unemployment recently, and i got back on the steampage again, and decided to ignore my friends warning with the thought “it looks great, i’ll just buy it an see what happens”

And here we are.
The first week of my play, i remember submitting a bugpost on this forum, AND WITHIN 30 MINUTES i had gotten a reply from someone working on this project in one way or another @Relyss I think. i was amazed at the speed my issue actually got adressed. and it encouraged me to submit more when i came across it, unlike any other dev studio i’ve ever interacted with on this level.

Lastly we reach the current point in time, Stonehearth has become a part of my weekly schedule kindof. i play it atleast twice a week for about half a day at minimum. struggling with bugs or my own flawed design 50/50.
i’m really happy with where the game’s come even in the short period that i’ve been with it, and am exciting for the last number of things.

Time will tell how far this game will be modded, it’s got potential, and i’ll surely reccomend it to more of my friends once it reaches full release, and hope to create many Alliances in the amazing multiplayer format this game provides.

You’ve all done an amazing job, and i hope you find more lucrative ventures in your futures, this crazy out-of-a-job Hearthling will play this game for prolly years to come, and advocate for it’s quality!

Good Luck!