Truly an honor and thanks to team Radiant

I just wanted to thank all the developers for all their hard work. Imagine my surprise when looking through the new about in the main screen and smiling about all you that devoted yourselves to this game and seeing the special thanks section. It is truly an honor and humbling in a way to be mentioned in the special thanks section. I imagine the rest of the discourse community feels the same way. Thanks again for this game- @stonemonkey


It’s amazing to see how many backers from the kickstarter are mentioned, and generally just how long the list of people who contributed to Stonehearth is.

I’ve got the game open in the background as I type this, and the music is just soooooooooo fitting! The last few weeks since the announcement of leaving the nest have been mixedly bittersweet, glum and tense. But it’s starting to feel like a celebration finally :jubilant: And it’s so great to see that the community is being given a place to take a bow for our combined efforts; Team Radiant have never been shy about acknowledging the community but this does a lot to convey the special bond this community has.




I agree @stonemonkey I have over 500 hrs in the game. Was playing today and the only “complaint” is that I lose track of time. :grin: I have enjoyed the Desktop Tuesdays and the Streams and the way that team Radiant have kept us up to date. Thanks Team Radiant and all the best wishes for the future.


Uff, is there a another method to find my Name on der Backer List? That are way too much Names to read them all to find my Name. ^^

And yeah, the Game is great and I’m sure the Mods will make it even better, good work.


Extract stonehearth.smod and open stonehearth/ui/shell/about/credits.json.


We really never could have made the game without all of you, and as a player of it myself, I look forward to all the ways it can yet evolve in your collective hands. :slight_smile:


Yes exceptional work guys, I truly love this game :smiley:


Thank you all to Team Radiant. This is everything I have ever wanted in a game and I’m very sad to see you all go. You are so supportive of your community and one of the most involved dev teams I have seen in a long while. You made a fantastic game with tons of room to grow. Maybe one day you can come back! :grinning:


Thank you, everyone at Team Radiant! Crazy to think this game has been in the works since 2012. And after all this time, you all stuck with it, and created what your team set out to make… Even if a few concepts were left behind. Kickstarter does have a negative reputation of people not finishing what they received money to create, so this has been refreshing to say the least!

I’ve stepped away from Stonehearth, and played periodically to see how the game was coming together, but once it releases from Alpha, I fully intend to get back into it!

Good luck on future projects, and I hope that the dedication to making Stonehearth is appreciated by new employers!

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Hey I wanted to say thanks for the amazing game you guys have made. I have injoyed ever moment of playing it. I have love the game so much. Thank you guys for all the hard work and spirit you guys have put in the game.