Congrats on 1.0 and my personal intro to the forums

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, congratulations to Radiant for the much awaited 1.0 release! :clap::clap::clap:

I’m new to the Forums and to the gameplay itself. At this moment I only have about 60 hours on the game so far. But not so much to the game, that I have been following for some years, mainly by watching let’s play series and checking in from time to time on Steam to see the status of it. A few months ago I purchased the game finally and been playing regularly since then.

I love the game and has been a great source of entertainment so far. Even though I’m not at all an expert player, I like it enough to record some let’s play series, stream it from time to time, and create some building templates and “guides”. Let me repeat it, I’m just starting out with the game, but for me is even more entertaining to engage with other people while playing, so gameplays and guides to share with others just add to my fun experience with it. I will be sharing some of this material soon on the Fan Media section.

Thanks a lot guys for this awesome game! Continue the hard work, and I hope to see the game growing with new updates and an active community!