Stonehearth Commands / Traditional RTS Commands

Hey everyone!,

Okay, so I want to talk about a subject that’s been on my mind since I first found out about Stonehearth a little while back now. However, I’ve held off on talking about this because it seems like it’s a definite item in Stonehearth. But, hey, it doesn’t hurt to make a conversation!

So! That said, do you guys think Stonehearth should keep its unique command system for its Hearthlings? That is, do you like the way in which you, for instance, to give an attack order to a soldier you have to select his or her party and then issue one of the three different commands? Or, would you prefer this game go the more traditional route and just have the basic RTS commands… that being, right-click on open ground to issue a move order, or right-click on an enemy to attack?

Now I’m one of the people who think this game should have the basic RTS commands. But! The game is far from being finished and there’s still plenty of things to come, so the current command system will more than likely be changing for the better later on.

But again, there’s no harm in just general discussion right now.

Sooo! As always, what do you guys think? Let me know!



Keep it the way it is! I love this style, reminds me very much of I game I used to play called towns, before development came to an abrupt halt.

I like the current system, it’s rather pleasing to watch them fight without having to roll your head around in breakneck speed to keep them in order(like you need to in starcraft)
And i think it makes the Hearthlings feel all more like actual people instead of some tool or expendable resource, rather than you controlling them and making them do what you want, it generates the feel of you cheering for them as they fight(gogo out team! Cut their cute heads off!)


Hmmm… From both comments thus far, it’s all very interesting.

Speaking of ‘Towns’ though, I always saw interest in that game. That was a game where you just build your own towns, right? What was so popular about it?


I have to admit that this would also be my favorite way of controlling the hearthlings. Or a combination of the recent system and RTS style. Sadly this would be too much micromanagement for the devs I guess.
Something like a “Manual- and Automode” switch would be really cool :open_mouth:

Especially when I need to save that one hearthling from the hungry orc crowd in the woods without setting off the alarm for the whole village.
Exploring the map, looking for the goblin camp thats hidden in the fog of war is also something that I really miss.
With manual RTS-like steering we could finally play real military tactics without the feeling to herd a sack full of fleas… :wink:

Alright, enough dreaming about "Age of Stonehearth: The Hearthling Kingdoms " :sweat_smile:


Haha, I do agree it is pretty awesome feeling the need to cheer for my Hearthlings during combat! And don’t get me started on when one of them passes… There’s a ‘restart’ button, right? : D

But I do want to clear this idea up a bit. My idea was simply to have the RTS commands only for the soldiers. The other NPCs would remain absolutely the same. But again, your argument could remain the same even with this addition.


Oh, oh! And thanks to you and @Elivaras for the comments!


Hmm… Well it is certainly interesting to think about though. Maybe I should bring it up on one of the next streams… But then again, I should probably just let them get they’re work done. The sooner this game is completed in all its glory, the better! : D

Also, “Age of Stonehearth: The Hearthling Kingdoms”… MOST. EPIC. SEQUEL. NAME. EVER!

And thanks to you as well for the comment!


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Personally I hate the current command system in stonehearth. My favourite RTS is supreme commander. A rather slow paced RTS that uses the traditional command system.
It has a game pace that is comparable to stonehearth on x1 speed, and it’s command system is perfect as it allows fast reactions to a slow paced game which gives you time to think about every action without having to constantly think about how you are going to give that action.

I think late game stonehearth micro would become much more enjoyable if it wasn’t a clickfest for very little return like it currently is.

I think this could be modded into the game somehow which would be nice.

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If you look into towns, you’ll see that it’s actually very similar to stonehearth- except the graphics were far worse. One of the things that made it so interesting was that they had 16 floors of randomly generated dungeons underneath the main level map- with lots of different monsters and a boss on each level. It was really quite fun. This game reminds me a lot like it.

And from reading some of your other comments, I think the best idea would be to keep the same style for the townies, but have the warriors and fighters be a lot more controllable- what you were suggesting, I think!


First off, glad you agree with me! Thanks for being part of the discussion.

But for ‘Towns’, that sounds awesome actually! I had no idea there were dungeons in that game. Now I definitely have to check it out on Steam. Thanks man, I appreciate it!


I hope stonehearth can do something similar in the future! That would be AMAZING.

And I just realized you’re not a dev XD


Oh yeah, sorry about that! I just talk like that! : D


The developers could add more options and include the RTS style for combat units but if you don’t like it then just switch it off. (that’s if they add the RTS style into the game) i honestly wouldn’t suggest adding that RTS style to the villagers though, just balance the unit positioning and the town defense mode.

I can’t remember the name of the game, but I know that there is one out there that lets you act like a general. You’re people have their own AI, like this game, but you might want to introduce certain commands like “Kill that one!” or “Get back into formation!” This is true in other parts of this game. You can tell your hearthlings to gather certain things and introduce new commands into their actions, but they will largely just act on their own. I feel like the combat section of the game, though immensely improved since my last play through around Alpha 8 is still not as complete feeling as other aspects of the game. All in all though, the game has improved in a great way since my last play through and I’m having a hard time putting it down!