Mouse control, be like Warcraft

Is there any chances that controlling the Hearthlings be like Warcraft? Sorry I not good at telling things, just see the pictures below :slightly_smiling:


I hope you get it :expressionless:

Basically, you want individual unit control? I highly doubt it. Stonehearth is not so much a strategy game/RTS, where individual unit movement is important, it’s more supposed to be an economic simulation, where you give generic orders (“build this”, “defend that”), but the people do these tasks on their own.


exactly, it’s more like settler 3-4, banished, dungeon keeper, human can’t keep up guiding 40 or more hearhtlings.

Ah, finally someone who brings almost the same example, as I always have in my mind… Except now I’m feeling old, since you started counting with 3, instead of with 1… :cry:

well 1+2 are more bound to roads, while 3 started with the individual walks…

Good point, good point. That eases my mind again, thanks. :smiley:

(Now I’m thinking of a way to make good ol’ S2 run on Windows 10 again… :stuck_out_tongue:)

Tom’s said previously that their trying to avoid the rapid selecting/drawing and clicking mechanics of RTS games. While there might be some way to gather units into a group later like this, it’s unlikely since the goal is pre-planning and setting up designated groups of fighters and defenders–macro orders over micro.


Who knows what kinda of control you end up having over your military when Stonehearth is a complete product? As long as it isn’t APM oriented hotkey clickfest for maximum troop efficiency, I’m happy!

…And for making ol’ good settlers run on new computers, look no further than Dosbox!