Free Control/Movement of Individual and/or groups

I’m not sure if it was put out there yet, but they should allow us to control units and of what we want them to do. Sure the auto-pilot/control thing can still be in play if you don’t wanna control them or let them do their own thing, but there should be an option of what, how they do things, and how many you want to do things.
Ex: 2 Workers build a house here and another 2 worker traveling far distance to build houses there.
Ex: 3 Workers Building and 2 Workers Chopping woods, mining, etc.
Ex: Attacking specific monsters / or animals for hunting.
Ex: Looting items, supplies, food from far distance, etc.

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Did you know that you can use the party system (the red flag button on your bottom screenshot) to directly control the movement of Hearthlings for combat purposes? It’s not exactly what you are suggesting I know but it is very useful in combat situations.

As for the non-combat situations, I personally am not a fan of direct control of individual Hearthlings (I feel this defines the game in a way), but I do quite like a system I have seen used in another game whereby you can select which tasks are eligible to be carried out by each citizen. That way you can balance out your citizens across tasks, but you still can’t issue orders directly to individuals.


I have lol. But it’s kinda weird-ish.
Yeah I know what you mean ahah.
The direct control in my opinion, I just feel as if it might be useful if you specifically want someone or a specific group to do something that you want.
I don’t mean you have to control everyone like some sort of RTS Games (Starcraft, Warcraft, AOE,ETC) But like just the people you select. Otherwise, the units you don’t select will mind their own business doing what they’re supposed to do. (Auto Pilot like how they are now)
Idk, it’s just a suggestion and optional ahah. Some people will think it’s a good idea and some will think not =P.

It’s been suggested before. As far as I know, it’s not going to happen unless someone mods it in.


Well, you ask for unit micro-management (RTS in mind ?)

One of the things you suggested (have only two Hearthlings work on the house) could be a feature of the planned “Hearthling task manager”. The task manager (I can’t remember what TR calls it) will let you pick which tasks have higher priority (you can pause building to make them bring the ore to your base, for example). I think that saying “let building continue, but limit it to X Hearthlings until there is nothing else for the other Hearthlings to do” might be a suitable feature for that task manager. I do feel, though, that ordering individual Hearthlings generally defies the spirit of the game.

For combat, I would love to see a AoE-like implementation: You can define groups (AoE: Assign to a number), then send the group to a particular place. You could even tell the group (as a whole) to attack a single enemy, as opposed to the group of enemies. I would not, however, like to see the AoE-like ability to tell each soldier what to do. (If you really, really, want to micromanage it that way, you could have each party contain only a single Hearthling. But that would be so tedious as to be useless, which I think is good.)

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