Military Control

How will we take control of the military units?

Will there be something similar to Dwarf Fortress and Gnomoria where we can assign military units to a squad with their own specific commands, perks, and equipment etc? Maybe something larger or the ability to have squads of varying size depending on their purpose?

Or will each unit be individually controlled?

Or none of the above!

Well, we know that units can be controlled individually and as a group, based on what the developers have released. I would assume that you can put units in a “group” the way you can in a normal RTS, but that is just a guess. The game is partly inspired by DF so something like squads is probably something they want to have.

There should be the ability to control both individual units and multiple units at once. It will be nice to be able to select individual units, say a sniper class that shoots arrows, to be perched on top of a tower. You just want to select one for each tower or something. Then on the ground have the ability to select multiple units and move them to a particular area quickly using click and drag functionality and right click to position them. Something similar to how Starcraft allows you to maneuver your units.

I would prefer individual control. I very much disliked DF’s combat.

I agree with that we would need both squad and individual control!

I would like some sort of militia capability - in case of an emergency your settlers should drop everything and be able to perform minimum military service.

Also it would be great if we could asign “Action Stations”, so that when the alarm sounds your militia and warriors gather in : For example I would like my main melee force to assemble in the town center from where I can take them where necessary, while I would like a good chunk of my force in the role of archers gathered on watchtowers and walls (if I have them ofc) immediatly with the ring of the alarm.

Maybe squad commanders for us less tactical? I guess i’d learn, but would really like the option to divert control to ai, sometimes, you know? Maybe its something i’d have to wait for the mod community to make (kind of a smaller nitch and all :confused: )

Yer, it would be pretty cool to have certain bonuses and perks depending on the makeup of a squad - for example 3 or 4 archers are going to be better at sneaking into positions near enemies rather than 10 infantry hurtling down the road.

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