Suggestion for unit control in combat

Hey there, after spending some time in-game fooling with the combat and reading some suggestions from other people around the
interweb I’ve come up with an idea that I believe fits very well with
the feel of the game.

My suggestion was to use a tagging/alarm system for your enemies,
similar to the system in the base-builder “Evil Genius”. Basically how
it works, is any time an enemy appears you can click him and apply one
of several “tags”, the tags were things like “kill” “capture” and
"psychological weakening".(confused them, avoiding combat and rendering
them virtually useless for a time)

This system would allow us to get hands on with unit control without
making the soldiers mindless robots. But, there are still those of us
who don’t care for actively engaging in combat, that’s where the alarm
system comes in.

This works in pretty much the same way the current combat alarm works
except there are 3 alert levels. First is green, or no threat. second
is yellow which means units arm themselves, get in a group and could use
non lethal means of incapacitating threats. Finally there is red alert
where all units kill enemies on sight.

Also, the ability to assign units to certain groups and the ability to place group specific tags on enemies, so that only certain units will attack. These 2 simple mechanisms would make managing soldiers in battle and coordinating attacks much more enjoyable, also a set of different group behaviors would be pretty neat.

Thanks for reading, I hope my ideas can help in some way. Great job on the game so far!

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