Emergency escape/Return to town button for damaged units

Hi Devs,

I hope this suggestion reaches you. I bought the game ages ago and have been following development closely, and it’s amazing how far the game has come. A++

One thing I feel is missing from the game is a “return to town” command you can give your military units. I had an issue whereby a particular unit wouldn’t give up on trying to cross the map to kill a group of wolves, by his lonesome, with 1 hp remaining. It makes no sense and there needs to be some level of self-preservation autonomy there rather than mindlessly suiciding.

The only way I see to stop this at the moment is to untick the “Job” box in the work assignment screen. That seemed to break the command and made him go back to hauling. But a simple button that sends him back to the town flag and then he resumes patrolling/heals up/hauls, etcetera, would be much more helpful.

Thanks again! I’m hooked.

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