Villager's Recall

When a villager is out getting something, or doing something, and goblins show up, they tend to run everywhere, but camp most times. Especially when way far out. IE: trapper. A way to recall villagers to campfire would be nice. I would put it under the Alert Button. A campfire symbol or something to that fact would work to get your villagers out of trouble. Also would help to make sure u can get a head count if you cant find one of your villagers.

Later you could expand it to they would run to there assigned bed or areas when it gets to that point, IE: behind doors.

Separate this from your military units, just workers and crafters.


I think something like this would go well once we have more detailed zoneing tools. Something like force civialns to go to bedroom zones or something like that.


Yeah I agree. Just a simple button press to solve all the panic and running villagers, I just had a game where a villager just ran to the edge of the map and then back and forth lol. its was funny and I was telling him “No not that way, the other way”

But yeah It would be a great addition to the game

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I love the idea, but I am 95.72% sure we’ve had this suggestion before… or did I just make that up? :smile:


I’m not sure lol. I didn’t really search for it to be honest. just wanted to suggest it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s more of refining the AI a bit more so all citizens naturally congregate to the camp fire or settlement banner.

Yes its been discussed. A Long Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far Far Away… :stuck_out_tongue:

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If a worker encounters the goblins outside of your town, the worker will run away from your town, guaranteeing their death. Even if you have soldiers, they will not leave the town to assist the worker.

Suggested fix:
Workers should run back to town when they are attacked.

Not really a bug, More of a suggestion thread here.


toggling the defend button usually makes them attack no matter how scared they are btw.

It might also be smart not to give a worker an order halfway across the map and to keep them nearby as-well.

No offense but I dislike it when people disguise a suggestion as a bug just to legitimize it.

There’s no ulterior motive here. I saw what I perceived as an issue, I reported it. I suggested a way to fix it. If it should be treated as a suggestion, rather than a bug, someone can adjust it.

If you put people trying to improve the game by reporting things into the position where they feel they need to defend themselves with comments like yours, people will just stop reporting. Don’t poison what seems like a great community.

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Whoa, whoa, WHOA, calm down, calm down, CLAM DOWN. lol J/k. Anyways its taken care of, @SteveAdamo changed the thread. But the thread is actually here Villager’s Recall. And actually might be somewhere else way down the line.

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no harm, no foul… thanks for the suggestion! :smile:

thanks… [merged] :+1:


Ive been around for awhile, long time… long time. It is not my goal to poison this great community we have here, I just said what I feel. No more, No less.I also did say “No offense” as i had no intention of offending you.

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