Idea, instead of just defend also add attack and retreat

A retreat button that sent the villagers into their homes would be really nice and also a button that sends all the villagers to the same area to attack or defend instead of them just staying where they are. If a villager is alone then a group of goblins will easily kill him/her unless the rest of the villagers are lucky enough to be nearby. Even then if the group of goblins is larger than your villagers you can get overpowered and then loss everyone. Just a thought.


It,s a great idea, my trapper is often ambushed, and it would be cool to be able to flee to town or send help.

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Additionally, attacking should be an option when selecting wildlife, such as raccoons, foxes, or rabbits. The trappers could follow out orders to attack the critters, while footmen could carry out attacking goblins, and other hostiles. Giving the player more control over their town’s defenses and critter management could prove immensely beneficial to the game.

While on the subject, I still wish for the option to chose the path footman use to patrol.

Also be able to have guard stations, a place where you can either have one soldier permanent on guard. Or have him stay there like 5 sec. And then continue his patrol. Since town are getting bigger. (20-30 ppl) having guard stations will make walls more effective

Retreat could work like the town bell in age of empires. When the bell rings all villagers flee towards the town centre and seek cover within

I couldn’t agree more. I really want more control over my footmen.
At the moment - fairly early on, I have a nearby goblin encampment next door to my village.
My footmen think its okay to chase the attacking goblins from town into the middle of this encampment where they proceed to be slaughtered.
I need to protect my village, but I don’t want them running off and dying every time a single goblin walks into town.

I know its not really the type of game - but a simple left click select unit, and a right click priority move/attack command would give you much more control during combat - for the types who take villager deaths personally.

Hey there @BrotherMaestro, welcome to the Discourse! Good news, some combat updates are planned for Alpha 14! (Emphasis on planned…). @Tom has said on multiple occasions that before they add more combat related controls there needed to be a good reason to use them, so I would expect more controls to come with the added combat related stuff.

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