"Rally and defend" Should function as "Rally, then defend"

As mining becomes more prevalent and workers have to span longer distances just to get that sweet, sweet ore, goblin raids far from home have become a problem.

Having a “Villagers” party with the rally and defend point set in a safe location only helps so much. As soon as you hit the Rally and Defend button, the villagers under attack stand their ground and fight, even if alone.

As the title says, Rally and Defend should function more like “Rally, then defend”. Units should bust ass back to their rally point FIRST, then defend as needed.


Well if your improving the goblins then you should have another feature where your villagers retreat to a designated point even those getting attacks cause at the moment they’ll only do that when you click defence mode but that also means ones around goblins will attack them instead of retreating, also soldiers don’t always go straight to the threat which is a problem. but great work on features so far

one more idea is you should be able to remove roads and replace the dirt so that there’s not a hole left.

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Great suggestions, wrong thread.

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can you point me to the thread you had in mind?


This thread mught be the best place for it.

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My suggestion is that the party icons should be up top of the screen so you can close that giant window and deal with attacks. This would let you activate/deactivate as needed during a fight without that big window being in the way.

I was all over those flags last night during all those goblin attacks and things would have been much easier if those icons where in the UI around the edge of the screen. They also seem to take two or three clicks to activate on/off. Do agree with OP though. Rally then defend.

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