Gather to Point! Command

Hey! I think a gather all to point command would be real useful! It would make all the hearthlings go to a point picked by the player.
One could use this to keep all their hearthlings in a fortress or something when goblins attack…

What say you all?

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Something like this already exists in the latest version. Not sure if it does in the stable version.

If you click the “Fight and Defend” button and then the “Parties” button you will get the parties window. You can then create a party and add anyone you want into the party.

At this point, you can click on the “Rally and Defender Order” button for the party and click somewhere on the map. Anytime you press “Town Defense Mode!” button, everyone will go to their rally point if they have one set. If you click the “Rally and Defend Order” button when a rally point is set, it unsets it.

There is also an “Attack Order” button for each party. When you click on that button, you can then click anywhere in the game and your party will move there and then attack anyone who comes near. If you click the “Attack Order” button when a rally point is set, it unsets it.

The best part about these orders is that the party members won’t attack anyone who isn’t near a flag, so if you need your guys to run away, you can just set a flag for the party that is quite far away and they’ll leg it.


Cool! :slight_smile: Thanks for that very helpful information.

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