[Dev Blog]Desktop Tuesday, A Quick Look at the Party Feature



organizing your hearthlings into parties, not cake and balloon parties (those come later)

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ok… let’s see if I can watch this before my meeting… or, perhaps I could be sneaky and watch during said meeting?


I love this feature! It reminds me of Majesty and how you could set flags to explore, defend, and attack. Although in the game you sometimes had to set a price to get anyone to do the action, I still thought it was a great way to control units! keep up the great work :smiley:


The parties feature was a bit unclear to me until I saw this. While it is useful, I would have designed it a bit differently :

  1. Create parties from a “parties” screen, just like it is implemented right now, but that’s all the parties screen would allow you to do.

  2. Add the possibility to create a shortcut to select the entire party (via the party screen?) and give it “attack/move to” orders with left clicks (unselect party with right click).

  3. Create rally points from a Town Defence mode, and assign one or more parties to each rally point. Doing it this way rather than setting a rally point from the parties screen makes more sense, and helps you understand you’re actually planning the way your hearthlings act when defending the town. The way this is currently done doesn’t seem very intuitive to me.

  4. The party selection feature mentioned in 2. could be enhanced in the future, by showing a new button bar when a party is selected. You’d then have access to different actions (not just “attack/move to”) to issue for the party currently selected.


I love the new feature. What about a drag and drop system for the attack/defense markers?

How about a 2 more Banners for the Party Feature?

Travel or Exploration Banner - To quickly place like the attack banner only not battle ready. So you can take a group and use them to explore the map( we can do it already with the attack banner just don’t like the idea of sending them off always looking to chop somebody down).
Patrol Banner - To designate specific patrol routes (Like around a settlements walls).

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@SteveAdamo, could someone that can attend the streams remind to Tom that the “C” key in Qubicle centers the camera over the selected object, please?

I’ve seen him having a bad time trying to rotate the view to see the back side of off-centered objects in some of the streams.


I’ll make a mental note… now, whether that note remains in my short term memory remains to be seen… :blush:

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