Party System, no real Party

The Party System is a great improvement BUT I have a questions and suggestions and I want to read your opinion too (that is why this is not a suggestion topic).

First, in the current build the Party is only a party by name, since the hearthlings in a party are only grouped.
They do not act like a RPG Party would do, the do not really work/act together.
Even with the “attack” or “move to” flag they walk separately to the location and after finishing what ever you want them to do, they walk separately back.
Am I asking too much for a game like this, since it is not an RPG?

Second, maybe I did not see or even miss it totally but there seems to be no option to add or delete a Party or even change the colour of the Party Flag (I don`t need green :stuck_out_tongue: )



It would be really nice if the groups patrolled as a unit, and maybe add a new command like “wait here until all members are present before engageing” i have had to move the banners around alot while waiting for the other members of my guards party, otherwise they will try and engage right away and that has a greater chance of ending up as a dead hearthling


I have currently two footmen, each in an individual party, exactly because of this issue.
That would be great if they could work together properly.

Not exactly belongs in this topic, but it would be nice as well if they could go to sleep in a bed and not just topple over and sleep on spot…
Perhaps have some sort of party AI?

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Hmm… Not sure what to make of this one. But yeah does feel like they don’t act as a party, at least when issuing commands.

Would be nice if when issuing an order like go hear of attack along the way that they would meet up with each other before heading to destination. That would in the very least make it seem like they are part of a party, instead of meeting at location directly. If I wanted the latter part I would issue commands individually, as that as the name implies is individual commands, and not party commands.

So I would mainly would like to see a meet up kind of thing before proceeding with party commands, that is when there is more than one person in the party. Kind of like meeting towards each other first, then actually doing the command.

Although that might be frustrating when they don’t arrive quick enough to save a bystander though. Had my first death in my last play session since A14 came out… Mainly due to didn’t get to in time and worker couldn’t escape in time to banner. Of course that is due to the odd mob spawning type of things. Practically in an open area of a building, or rather right next to it so they walked through that open part while someone was working there.

Well once that mob spawning thing is somewhat solved, something like this party working together thing would be nice. :slight_smile:

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Completely agree with this. Gets annoying having to constantly juggle move commands just so that my Footman doesn’t run in ahead of my Knight and get rolled!

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I talked about this before, this thread is packed full of ideas

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There should be different behaviors at different states of town management.

When the party is in the town, and the town is peaceful:
The party should act on their own as they do now, patrolling, eating, helping etc separately

When the party is in the town, and the town is on alert:
The party should act as a group with the party leader as the anchor for the group.

When the party is out adventuring (Future content):
The party eats, sleeps, fight, sets up camp etc as a group with the party leader as the anchor for the group.


I think there needs to be a patrol handshake transition when shifts change or some people go to eat while the other one waits etc.

right now this is not really possible because hunger makes hearthlings immediately want to take an action, instead of it being a habitual thing its always a survival thing, so hunger would have to be changed first I think.

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