Party members probably shouldn't automatically wake whenever given an order

It would be more interesting to me if orders were only carried out by people who were awake, and did not automatically wake those party members who were not. Perhaps something like that would require the implementation of something like a town bell (a physical one, not the one you hear when you enable defense mode), so that you can wake people if need be (or, even better, have AI or a specific player command be able to wake people). Anyway, if this was a bit less easy to work around, it would better reflect the inherent vulnerability in sleep, which I think would be quite interesting.

See the attached video at 45:00.


Interesting point, though I think it depends on the way you use it. For instance I use the party function to protect my town from baddies. Then I don’t want to wait until they have slept. Now too clarify further I have tried to use town bell/defend our town function, but when I did the footmen did not respond even tho in my case my trapper was under attack by skeletons. Then you could say footmen should always know were there is trouble around town for the defend the town function to work. But that could make it less “realistic”.

hmm, i like this idea. perhaps others who are in the party who are awake could go wake up those who were sleeping?

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I’d hope for it splitting into two separate command types: think of it like a “Yellow” and “Red” alert, if it was a combat order. A Yellow Alert would signify only reasonable importance/haste, and would only draw unoccupied units. Red Alert comparably would be like a hard-coded command–GET HERE NOW.

Another possibility could be a checklist that allows you to customize orders’ response behavior or the party’s overall behavior when assigned duties; wake units, ignore eating/weather/enemies, etc.


Well, I don’t want my Hearthians to die, but I’m still glad the feature is in there. If you look at the video, the situation you describe is exactly what was happening to me. I was saved by the current implementation where the footmen woke up from the order, but I still don’t like it. I just think it’s a bit silly that your units automatically wake when given an order. It raises the question of what the player actually is to the world, physically.

Right, that’s what I meant with “AI” in my OP.

I would still hope that one doesn’t wake sleeping units, though. Just my preference I suppose :slight_smile:

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Well it is a giant war hirn that goes off. I would assume that it’s simply loud enough to wake up hearthlings. I would like to see an awake hearthling blow the hirn, though. That’d be cool.

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I understand that, I just don’t think the player should have that sort of direct control over the game world. I’m happy to be able to give a kind of ‘global’ order like defensive mode, and I would also be happy to construct an actual horn that I could get my Hearthians to blow to alert one another (and wake each other up), I just don’t want to be able to do that at the click of a button. (Mind you, of course I don’t mind the horn sound effect of the defense mode either.)


Well, even if you activate defense mode, it still takes a few more clicks before/after to set your hearthlings up.

Well, true, I shouldn’t have emphasized the “click of a button” thing. Even with ten or fifty clicks I don’t want to be able to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

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