Hearthling Group behaviors

So I’ve been playing with the new classes and I think they are cool. I feel kinda meh that footmen got nurfed, but having a cleric made up for it. :slight_smile:

Anyways i have had issues where my footmen are grouped but are spread out. They’d be patrolling solo and get wrekt by an invader, footmen seem really weak solo due to this.

So my thought is to have a grouped units stick together, with an obvious leader in the front (Knight < Footman < Cleric/Archer) this makes sense in the context of grouping them and the jobs they have.

it may be difficult to code but it would be cool.

Maybe the code can work by having archers follow grouped clerics, clerics follow grouped footmen, and footman follow grouped knights.

Just a thought

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:smiley: I created a thread a few weeks ago with the same topic:


I really like this idea. It would also be nice to set the patrols or get another defend option, where the hearthlings are allowed to sleep and eat while defending

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From what I’ve seen the groups mostly stick together. I guess it could be coincidence, I agree it probably makes the most sense for them to always stick together, but in general they seem to walk nearby right now. I guess it could just be a coincidence in the pathing AI that they’re conveniently walking the same route.