Combat and AI Fix

Best way to help with the new combat and make it more balanced would be to shorten the area/ range that the soldiers will attack an enemy near the base. Even better would be to make it something the player has to set. Also you should make it so that the player can tell each hearthling to move somewhere like you can with the soldiers, so you can tell them to run from an enemy before they attack and tell them to go out and loot items that are far away (and not just stand there).

Have to agree…i love the new enemies and their challenge…but you have literally no control over the behavior of your villagers or troops.

They have strong suicidal tendencies …often have to make a soldier run to other side of map so they dont attack someone while they have no health, even though the enemy they want to attack may be very far from base.

While im happy to see the new classes and enemies…i feel combat has just become a spam type of thing…where you make enough troops that they can survive even though they try their best to die!

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One option would be as in the classic RTS games.

You can select the Point to defend but you have more options like “defend this area and follow the enemy”, “defend this area and stay on this place” etc

Well, I think the goal is to have settlers/godgame like gameplay which means only direct control over military if even that so RTS and direct control over everyone would defeat that.

Yes, hearthlings need to be bit smarter and few extra movement options for your squads could be loads of helpful.

I still say Hearthlings need a military class that is all about making the party fight as a group.
Footmen, with their speed bonuses tend to be the, as the ability, says the first responder which might a bad thing if knight doesn’t get in time to draw aggro. So atleast making them group up first before answering to attack command would be nice (though you can do this by first setting up defend flag and then attack flag) with or without involvement of fourth battle class

My experience with new combat is to have standard group of group, cleric, knight, footman, archer. They hovewer required atleast to be lvl 2 to take down the goblin boss. Kinda wished gear didn’t have level requirements, but if anything it does bring that extra challenge.
“Should I wait it out before I attack, fight some random encounters to buff up guys or do it now?”

I figure at somepoint camps might ramp up their waves, faster than the natural difficulty progression too…

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