Soldiers defense mechanic

Hello, the current combat system is very simple, not much to it. As of right now, you can set individuals to defend certain places, which is all fine, but, if you have to attack something like kobolds or goblins or something that threatens your hearthlings you have to unset those defense positions and replace them after the fight is over, which can get very tedious, I think there should be something that lets you set a position for a soldier or group of soldiers to guard permanently. It still can be overridden by the attack or move command but it will not remove the defense point, instead, it will stay there and they will return to it after they are done fighting. I have had so many trappers killed because an ogre or a group of kobolds sneaks up and kills them and my soldiers are nowhere to be found because i forgot to replace their defense markers. Thanks for reading, have a good day


They should add a mechanism that if a non combatant hearthing is being attack, it automatically sends a to arms like signal to the troops that alerts them to it’s position.

F.E. The hearthling is yelling and screaming for it’s life and it needs help!

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