Soldier Commands/NPC Activities/Storage/Equipment/More Options

Soldier Commands:

  1. Defend Position button(When selected, you are given a flag to place) it has a default diameter of 10 blocks. The area the soldier is defending can be increased/decreased by selecting the Defend Position flag, holding the shift button then scrolling up or down(or maybe - and + for those who can’t scroll).

Soldiers will still sleep/eat then get back to defending their position.
2) Defend position alternative Same as the first Defend position, except they only guard the position once the town alert button has been activated(or maybe when you have been alerted of hostiles nearby).
This is so your soldiers can eat and sleep without you having to deactivate your Defend command.

Those should prevent your hearthlings from charging off to their deaths.

NPC Activities:

  1. When Idle, your hearthlings can talk/play with each other so it looks more ‘alive’. When soldiers are idle, they practice fighting with their wooden practice swords. Items that the hearthlings can interact with.


  1. Specific item storage menu so I can store wheat in one container(my bakery) and those fiber plant things in a different containter(Tapestry/clothe).

  2. Drawers, Desks have a small amount of storage(maybe 8-16 storage capacity).


  1. Option to manually select what equipment the hearthling use. (I don’t want my footman wearing that Iron Coif)

  2. All plate armour reserved(including iron/bronze) for the Knight and maybe make light armour, Mail armour for the Footman.

More Options:

  1. Race skin/hair colour options. Beard frequency(chance of rolling a hearthling with beard). Gender ratio and so on. (I like to roleplay as vikings so like them to be white with beards)

I like those, but would also like to place multiple defend positions with ‘shift’ being held down to create a patrol path which the soldiers walk back and forthe from.

Interesting, but my hearthlings are never Idle : /. Maybe their AI could demand to be idle for a few minutes a day? But then who would do all the work I demand of them? : ).

I agree with this - want to tell them to use different outfits sometimes. The plate armor one is already implemented in the newest build (i think).

I really like this idea - both more options to choose from, and selecting certain visual options which are allowed and others which are not. That way new Hearthlings would still look as you want, but also still be random. Could also make it so you decide what the first Hearthlings look like, and then facial features are determined based on some random adjustment to any existing facial features of the hearthlings you already have (like genetics).