Problems with the defence

Due to problems with critters, I have made a wall around my garden and the fighters i have decide to patrol only there and even sleep there sometimes(everyone in the town owns a comfy bed). When I order them to somewhere else they do it with no problem. This sounds like an inconvenience but im on hard mode and the garden and the buildings are the opposite sides of my town so it takes some time for my fighters to get there and if its a bigger attack one or two hearthlings get knocked out.When I get into town alert mode most hearthlings just stay there even though I have a bunker with my banner AND a safety standart.

-the whole town
-the garden and bunker

one of the fighters ran off to eat btw

crazy idea, but, bear with me here…

perhaps try rebuilding the gardens, the kitchens, and any other “living areas” and their attendant buildings and farms etc. all in one area? That dramatically cuts down on unnecessary walking between different parts of your town; and it often looks really nice to have some “veggie gardens” next to your kitchen buildings anyway.

Like, yeah there are other options you could look at; but at the end of the day the most effective one is usually the simplest/most straightforward too in a game like this. Keep things close together and everything just works better to start with.

But, if you do have some grand design in mind which requires a large dedicated farming space… my suggestion would be to provide your soldiers with housing closer to the farms, and move your kitchens near the farms too, then create a kind of barracks (by which I mean a building with a dining room, meeting/training space, and somewhere safe for citizens to hide during an attack with a rally banner there) guarding the path between the farm and the rest of the town. That at least gives your soldiers somewhere to eat and sleep which is mid-way between the places they’ll be patrolling rather than being at one end of the route. I’d also suggest taking a bit more control over the soldiers’ groupings – your footmen will run ahead of the other soldiers and get caught out, so it’s better to keep them in a separate group and when there’s any danger send them to a defend flag while your other soldiers engage the enemy. Then, send your footmen in as reinforcements – not only will they be safe from getting singled out, they’ll actually be really good at smashing through any attempt to surround your other soldiers.

There is another small way to get your soldiers to patrol to other areas. You can make tiny 1 block stockpile zones, and even set them to hold nothing, and have them spread apart by 10 to 20 blocks. It should have an effect on where your military patrols. So you could spread these apart moving outward to your buildings and Hearth zone.
Or maybe even make a 1 block fallow farm zone, (again have more spread out going toward the places you want them to patrol at) instead of a stockpile, if they prioritize farm plots over stockpiles. Not sure if they can be made that small though.

Finder, didn’t ace add patrol points anyway? He could just define new points right?

But he’s not using ACE.

Ah, yeah the base game has quite a few issues like this… Easiest workaround is indeed to have the fields close because those are the most patrolled areas

I just tried it and after a day or so, the fighters decided to patrol in the actual town!
thanks u so much for the idea