Please improve Hearthling AI

  • Hearthlings in combat groups maintain individual schedules. This makes combat groups grossly inefficient. Please force sync eat/sleep schedules for all Hearthlings in a single combat group

  • Workers who are tired or hungry will move toward their task, then when reaching some arbitrary mark, will turn around to go back. Please broaden hunger/sleep window so workers will waste less time running back and forth, and instead go eat or sleep when hungry/tired.

  • Farmers seem much, much worse than in previous versions. In my current game, 4 farmers(levels 3, 3, 5, 6) cannot maintain 14 plots. Much food and silkweed goes to rot. Was this intentional?

  • Hearthlings still cannot be micromanaged for tasks but must be micromanaged for combat. Please allow a “force high” marker to ensure players can make their Hearthlings at least generally prioritize highly important tasks which are slightly distant over trivial ones which are close.

  • Hearthlings in town defense mode will not protect against thievery unless thieves get ridiculously close to the campfire. Was this intentional? If not, please increase Town Defense awareness radius by about 20 squares to allow the most proximate stockpiles to be defended.

  • Combat groups still face a terrible choice: patrol with gross inefficiency, or defend an area and forfeit passive exp gain. Please allow custom patrol paths, and allow Hearthlings in area defense mode to gain passive exp like Hearthlings on patrol.

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  1. I have never had a problem with this

  2. is a good suggestion and needs some attention and implementation

  3. Farmers efficiency is all to do with there body stat make sure you use hearthlings with high body stat for good results. People normally end up with low body hearthlings as farmers as they are the only ones left to be farmers when all the other jobs are filled

  4. some sort of task priority needs to be implemented for workers, to allow for what you have mentioned and also let a player changing there mind not have catestropic circumstances like it currently does

  5. in late game when enemies 2 shot any hearthlings that isn’t a knight you’ll be thankful for the short range on town defence mode

  6. simply put combat hearthlings not in combat should not get experience. I think this feature is only there to allow players playing peaceful to get knights and archers for show.

Your Hearthlings in groups stay on a similar schedule? Then maybe it’s a bug in my game. I’m seeing groups over time fall into a rotating schedule where at least 25% of the group is off doing something while the rest are following orders. Often I’ll have like one cleric by themself standing guard while the knights and archers sleep ;_; It’s terrible AI scheduling.

I have to disagree with #5, because I’ve played through late game. I always end up with a town that’s well-protected and has only one entrance, so enemies always come from a set direction. Town defense mode is only something I use in the first two months; by about 20 days in, I have a good combat group set up, and a month later, I have my killing maze built. (older post, but still accurate: Defensive designs ) The only time non-combat Hearthlings get hit after that point is when they’re out gathering resources from enemy camps and a war party of Orcs pops in and ganks them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be OK with combat job Hearthlings not getting experience unless they’re in combat. I’d prefer that patrol and defend give similar exp, just because training is pretty helpful, but I’m right with you on the notion that you only get better at something by actually doing it.

Thanks for the reply and ideas. I’ll especially pay more attention to my farmers and their Body score. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

They pretty much stay on similar schedule. There schedule tends to get “reset” once a week when they go out on 3-4 missions in a row which on return they all eat and sleep.

well I never get round to building walls, it just takes too much time for me to bother building them (as it should). So I guess we are looking at it from totally different gameplay styles.

The Body stat ups there movement speed and as farmers do a lot of running around you can save a lot of time by increasing there body stat. Alternatively have 2-3 farmer hearthlings with haul unticked and then have a Hauler hearthing with 6 body to haul all the harvest crops from where the farmers drop them to your raw food storage, alternatively again have your raw food storage very close to the field. You can do quite a bit of MinMaxing with your food storage placements :slight_smile:

See? Look at this nonsense. Game day 22, this group has only existed for maybe 4 days and already the schedule desynch means I’m at 33% readiness. This is unacceptable group behavior. Please fix this.

Farmers genrally are okay with tending farms, esspecially if you turn off hauling for them, since they have so much stuff lying around, having them farm and haul tends to make some plots rot, also, 17 plots? Why would you need that many? One farmer is usually sufficient for about 4~5 plots, and my town with 32 Hearthlings maintains food with only about 10plots and a cook and shepherd

I do agree with the hearthlings abandoning task when they need to sleep or eat, but perhaps margins are already there? And it’s a little unlucky for many of us? I dunno, if not sure, it probably should be a thing

For the screenshot there that one hearthling in bed is in there because he/she needs madical treatment, not because he/she’s sleepy because there’s a cleric to potentialy treat them with medical items

For regular ones there’s also the fact that we now have the ‘Night Owl’ trait that means the hearthling will shortly sleep in mid-day and stay up all night, while this might seem bad at first glance, it’s good to have a night-shift soldier like a knight to stay and keep guard at night, since if one combat unit of a party engages in battle, all other soldiers in the party are alerted and will run to join the fight, even if they were in the middle of sleeping or eating and even if they are too far to see the enemy themselves

Soldiers will occasionally go to haul some items if hauling is enabled for them which often causes some soldiers to be somewhere els while a fight starts, but if you have a defense banner for the party, they will stay and guard that location without haluing, or you could turn hauling off for soldiers so they stay in formation for most of the time

Shortly said, i don’t think they hearthling AI for soldiers is that bad, i would like a patrol rout setting, but the current synchronizing seems appropriate to me

I just like having a lot of food and fibers, that’s why 14 plots :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re right about why that footman is in bed. I saw the “zzz” before they went off to bed, and that other one is going to eat. That group did have a cleric, but there wasn’t enough time to heal up that footman before they went off to bed. If you really want I’ll go fetch a different screenshot from a bit later with less than half the group up at once. There was also no herbalist active in the village at that time to use medicines, so while it may have been as you say, that’s not ideal if they don’t check to see if it’s any use before doing something.

A split group is a problem because sometimes you’ll have an archer or a cleric by themselves, and an entire orc war party will pop up and charge in. If your group isn’t cohesive, you’re going to lose that archer or cleric because they can’t take a beating. I know the rest of the group will come along, but it may take too long unless you go to ridiculous lengths to patch around the schedule. And I certainly don’t have soldiers haring off to haul things, though I did many months ago ask about that as a possibility. But it’s a different topic.

Night Owl is a terrible workaround for a problem that would go away with simple schedule locking. I should be able to have two different combat groups rotate out instead of having to rely on Hearthlings getting lucky enough rolls to be competent fighters and also happen to have Night Owl.

I hear what you’re saying. I don’t think you’re right about why my Hearthlings are doing what they’re doing, though I’ll keep an open mind about it. The same problems from two years ago are still showing up, and I’ve gotten good advice from others about how to work around those problems - but I’m still going to report them in the hopes that some day they won’t be there to need worked around.

Ah, i understand, having that many farm plots were just inconvenient for me, but that’s my play

Clerics actually count as medical workers like herbalists, they can use medical items on wounded hearthlings, so even if there is non, a hearthling will stay in bed untill they slowly heal since they expect the cleric to bring some meds(definitely something that needs some tweaking though)

Hearthlings will go to bed when wounded, and shortly get out and get back in to actually sleep when time comes, so sleeping with higher priority will mean that a sleepy wounded hearthling will run to bed to sleep, and after the time is done, they will instantly switch to the bed-ridden state

I do agree that scheduling needs to be a thing, instead of hoping that a Knight-suited Hearthling has a night-owl trait, and i bet it’ll be a part of the game at some point, but for now, we’ll have to do with the night-owl

Also yes, seperate groups mean other groups aren’t alerted by,… say the archer group
This led me to have a single group or two groups(mele&cleric , archer) so archers are at a vantage point while mele soldiers tank it out

I suppose my guesses aren’t the most accurate, i was just pointing out some reasons similar things happen to me, since i have little issue with my 15 soldiers

Clerics can also use bandages and potions? I did not know that! Thanks for that information, that’s really good to know. Perhaps I have a reason not to sell all my bandages once I change classes =)