Defensive designs

Post your defensive designs here.
I’ll upload some of my own later.

I figure if the game gives us engineers, may as well play a tower defense game. Use the terrain as well as your buildings.

It seems this time around I’ve been hit with the “hearthlings won’t finish the building” bug again. Should have been playing on my other computer, using a18; haven’t seen that behavior in the newer alpha. Ah, well.

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Pardon the multiple images for this one. It’s the first of four that ultimately form a giant castle around the crop area so that on normal/hard games, workers and craftsmen only need to leave the protected area to gather stuff. The game spazzed out before I could get the others built; I’ll start a new game and update this post with the whole thing if anyone is interested (and if the game lets me…). It’s pretty much a case of function over form, and if you’ve got strong OCD about structural symmetry you might want to look away :smile:

I’m interested. :wink: