Just for Fun Tower Height

so just out of curiosity, i decided, lets see how high i can take Roof Offset

this is at 500 Roof Offset, i cant see the top pulled out at max. but if u get up on it then u can see the top from the top.

So I was like eh, lets set it at 1000 Roof Offset. I went to space

I didnt not want to test if the hearths will build it. especially in space, as they might float off


Wow. Just wow. All I can say besides that is…


If they had wind in this game I’m pretty sure that tower would fall over. Or at least lean heavily.

Fun idea: Instabuild it, teleport your Hearthlings up, and try to survive and build in space. You’d probably need to play in peaceful mode, because there’s no way enemies could really get up there. And I suppose you’d have to get all your food through trading.

If you don’t do this… I might. :stuck_out_tongue: