Taller walls and buildings

Similar to the way we can change the heights of roofs, what if there was a setting that allowed making taller walls and buildings?

This would allow more impressive buildings, more impressive doors and windows, etc.


There is more building options coming, its just not focused on at the moment


until then you can just go crazy with slabs

or do a 1 x whatever length slab, wall that, then build it, then go on top and slab that, erase the edges, then wall that. ect ect to what ever height lol

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At the momment Radiant is trying to focus on the combat system and integrating more classes into the game, Tom said that they will come back to building within the next two months or so. Just be patient more content is on the way!

There are also workarounds like this one.


Woohoo! Looking forward to this! Seeing as they already have the functionality coded for the roof options, it should be a ‘relatively’ stress free addition. Can’t wait!

Thanks guys keep up the great work!

Oh… 1yr later… ouch