Place ground floor walls on top of floor edges (like elevated stories); "match wall tops" command?

Another small suggestion this week–looking back at my suggestion about foundation blocks to go under the walls for a building, I noticed that this is done now somewhat with any elevated floors (instead of the ‘erect walls’ command putting them around the floors, the walls go directly on top of the edges).

So, to standardize the building system, I’d like to suggest adapting the ground floor system to match. This would simplify potential building systems in the future for underground building–like basements or mineshafts–and also eliminate the gap of rock or grass that remains under doors when building in the current system.

The other suggestion I’d like to put out is some sort of option to make the outsides of floors to match the colors and materials of the walls immediately below them. In the current system, in order to create an uninterrupted wall design for multi-story buildings, you have to manually change the blocks to match (which requires some experimenting). Perhaps some sort of option in the future could be activated to automatically match the underlying walls and pillars?

That’s all for now! I hope you’re all enjoying the new release!


i love the idea! i really hope some such thing makes it into the game.

Do want.

Do very much want.

Big :+1: :+1: :+1: on this!

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Could anybody in North America pitch this, as well as the possibility of foundation and basement tools on tonight’s stream? It would be nice if we can get some feedback from TR on this, hopefully even an inclusion to the roadmap if they agree