Assigned Escort Mode

I’d like there to be a way that you can take an unassigned fighter and assign them to follow a hearthling around, like a trapper or miner that is going far out. All they’d do is sync up with that hearthling and follow them around.


I feel like the game would be really awesome if it had a lot more ability to individually get your hearthlings to do things like this, +1

Genius idea. Then if you were to build a city wall, defending trappers and shepherds (one of mine wandered out to the corner of the map) would be so much easier, instead of them running into enemies (or into the backs of enemies) while going about their jobs.

Actually I would take this a step further

I would love it if u could say grp up. up to 4-6 workers together and assign them to build a building. That only those workers will build. ON top of that u could assign 1-2 soldiers to that grp and they will escort those workers and patrol that build while it’s building :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe a Grouping system then, and you can assign a leader.

So say you have a group of 4 builders and 1 soldier, if the builder is the head of the party then the rest will follow him and mimic his task. Since the soldier isnt a builder he’ll haul and guard the group. If a group member goes short on supplies or tasks instead of heading back to resupply it’d go into idle mode within range of the group leader until the group leader leads them back.

Basically the group leader would have an active area around it that all members of the group would need to stay within. It could also let us split up hearthlings into groups in the main menu so we can suspend tasks according to groups rather than suspending the whole town.


he YELL’S, “I’m on break!”

YES, YES PLEASE. I am tired of having my trapper being too far from the safe room so he gets shot to death along the way. That hearthling spends more time being treated on a bed than skinning critters

I approve of this :merry: