Hearthling Territory Designation

The title isn’t necessarily the best way to put it but maybe someone can help me come up with a better sounding term for this concept.

I think there needs to be a way to tell a hearthling/group to stay in a designated area, often times I’ll move food and beds closer to a work area where I’m harvesting and still have them run all the way back to the base despite having everything they needs right next to where they’re working.

For example:

Your town is on an island, the island is far from where you want to mine ore. You should be able to move your mason to the mine and provide a bed and food, and tell them to stay in a certain range of the mine so they eat/sleep/work locally to that are versus run back to the island to eat when there’s a crate of food next to them.

Anyone have any comments?



While thinking more, this could even provide two new traits:


Will stay in the area until they die even if there’s no food.

Free spirited:

Will stray sometimes to because they can’t stay cooped up.