Better control of Hearthlings

Ive been playing on hard for the past week and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to expand your town/ area and have your hearthlings run across the map for some loot that wasn’t tagged for collection that you left and just have one after the next die because they can’t be recalled and your troops move too slow to try and keep them alive. If I could map out an area to confine them (east, south, north, west & have them freely move up and down) or have the option to confine them would be very useful. They can even be kept on auto then as well.

The way majesty 2 handles this very issue is by adding “danger” flags, which prevent people from going near them, I have a feeling stone hearth could do something similar, dwarf fortress uses burrows for this, so that kind of thing would work aswell.

I have had a siialir issue with my trapper decided to run into the woods during an invasion so I had to turn on defense mode to get him away, (which halted everything my other hearthlings were doing)

For those who know the game Rimworld will know what I’d suggest.

In Rimworld, you can select a “home” area. This is the only area the units would walk around in if you set them to that area. The area expands automatically when you construct buildings, roads, mine, etc. However, I can see how this could be a slight problem in hearthstone.

My other suggestion is to simply have a “recall” option where all your non-warrior class units will run to the nearest flag and stay there until you undo the recall option.

That way you can deal with the problem with your warriors without losing any workers.

We already have town defense mode how would a"recall flag" be any different?

The town defense mode is a call to arms feature. It makes all workers go to the flag and then attack the most nearby enemy unit. (Also it’s broken atm as it makes workers walk back and forth from and to the enemy unit when you use it)
A recall flag would simply take away the last part. Making sure they don’t move away from the flag.

I would like to be able to set some kind of “home” per hearthling. I find an issue with having a town in one area, and then trying to establish a new ‘settlement’ on the same map. Its near impossible to get resources over to that location and to have the hearthlings stay there while they work away each day. They end up running all the way back to town to eat and sleep each day, which takes up a lot of time and exposes them to lots of dangers : /.

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No it will only tell workers to attak if they are in the city defense. Check “groups” in the villager overview.