Is there any way to corral hearthlings better?

Boy, I’m about to develop an ulcer from these stupid hearthlings. Can we have a “do not enter” zone that can be traced out? I desperately want my guys not to run right out of the safe place into the crypt and two goblin tribes that spawned less than 20 steps outside my town, but these hearthlings want to die so badly that they aren’t even staying put when in town defense mode.

CPU is only at 33-35% so it shouldn’t be a matter of AI process getting lost due to insufficient CPU time.

I’d really like a way to more directly control hearthlings as well. It’s very frustrating when loot sits around for ages because it’s further away from my town than the mining project I have going, or when my shepherd decides to be Rambo when entering town defense mode and runs straight at the enemy intent on giving them a good smack.

I’ve found what helps some is that clicking or unclicking the buttons in the citizen menu, the “Haul, Build, Mine, Job” check marks, that way they only do what you have clicked on, so if you want hauling done only, unclick the rest so only Hauling is checked. helps a bit anyway.