Non-defense mode safe areas/ town boundaries

In game modes that have hostile monsters in them, I’ve noticed that my hearthlings have little regard for their own lives, save when in town defense mode. Most recently, I built a town with stone fence around the outside to slow down invaders, but my hearthlings are happy to walk outside of it.

I’d love to see another tier within the defense mode system. The first would be the existing ‘call to arms’, sending all the civilians back to their flags, the second would be the default, sort of a ‘continue to work inside safe areas’, and the third would be the opposite of defense mode, like an ‘all clear’. The all clear would be activated in the same way as defence mode, which would let all hearthlings to complete the tasks they have outside protected areas. This would allow the player to have relatively uninterrupted work in town, while there is an active threat outside the walls. I’d hope that something like this would prevent my hearthlings from running to a goblin camp to collect stolen logs, plants, or items from dead soldiers. Micro managing citizens trying to keep them safe is difficult, especially since the entire town has to halt work to recall one AWOL worker.

Don’t know if I would like that done in that way. For me it would confuse; granted I could get use to it, but might confuse newcomers.

Maybe another button to say “Walled in” “Martial Law” or “Hold Territory” for it. And it would have the works as you put it, work inside the town borders and not leave.

Then again, that might cause conflict with defense, unless they were interchangeable. where if one is active the other can not be. So effectively what you are suggesting, but the defense thing would only need one click to return to normal if they are in that mode, else it switches to that mode & all you have to do is click again in order to stop the mode.

Another thing that the alternate bit could be is with another menu to be set, like a law list. A bureaucracy tab under population to set a few things the citizens should and should not do. this being one. could make for an interesting tab to add certain things.

Well that is my thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

It is annoying when a hearthling randomly decides to go miles out of town to pick up something, wanders past a monster, gets attacked, and just keeps going,

I love this idea. My map is covered with loot everywhere thanks to the archers that run a mile away while getting attacked. I would love if this additional all clear mode would prioritize looting pretty high up too. By the time my hearthlings decide to loot it’s often days later and several waves of enemies later. The way I envision it is setting a safe zone just the same as setting a farm/hunting/shepherd zone. When in this mode hearthlings won’t travel outside the designated zone.

Side note: Please allow military people to loot things to return to town. There’s way too much laying everywhere!