Everyone's dead

like 7 armored enemies attack my town and kill my very light defense. (its a trade village) which wouldnt be a big deal i just usually have them all hide inside til the enemies go away. but no. instead my villagers try and fight the enemies but after one hit will run away then run right back at the swords of the enemy… so 5 min later i have an empty village

continuation: i got a few villager… then lost her because she didnt go to the safe point again and tried to attack the 6 ARMORED ENEMIES. wheres a game over when i need it

Hello @totomam,
First of, no need to double-post. There is something called an ‘edit’-function.

Now for your problem. How about moving the camp standard somewhere save and then activiting the “Town Alert Mode!” under “Fight & Defend”? It will tell your Hearthlings to go to the nearest save point (the camp standard by default, but your carpenter can craft more saftey standards) and wait there.

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it is somewhere safe (in one of the buildings) but none of them will go to it when an enemy is near

Because you have to active the Town Alert Mode like I mentioned above. I don’t really know the Hearthlings AI, but i think, that else they’ll think everything is clear and they can work normal.

town alert mode was also on

Town alert mode makes your non-combat hearthlings run in and attack the enemy if there is an enemy there. Also the hearthlings don’t understand where is safe and where isn’t, which is probably the start of your confusion. The AI is no where near that sophisticated or clever enough to understand whether the hearthling will be fine or get slaughtered.

So hearthlings have a sight range of 64 blocks, what probably happened is that one of them saw the raid after you pressed town alert mode and after returning to your flag as normal went out to deal with the threat.
Instead of just sitting around and waiting as if they haven’t seen anything.

Well, then I’d assume, something with the AI is broken. Because in Town Alert Mode my Hearthlings run to the nearest safe standard and stay there until the village returns to normal mode or an enemy gets close (I’d say closer then ~20 blocks). The problem he describes appears for me, when my Hearthlings get confronted with a raider in normal mode. So after all I’d assume his Town Alert Mode is somehow bugged (or the safety standard) and the Hearthlings behave like in normal mode. Or I’m completely wrong and the Town alert Mode is just bugged for me since dozens of Alphas which seems less likely… :sweat_smile:

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