Safety concerns with Towns

Hey All,

Just wanted to say first that I am loving the additions to the game so far with pre-release Alpha 11.

However my gripe is with safety and the constant attacks that keep my towns in peril.

I’ve recently started several worlds for testing, and all end up the same way. Attacks tend to become every night, either by zombies or by goblins. In fact, my most recent world had 3 goblin camps spawn up, not to mention having zombie attacks of 5 or more zombies at certain nights. Unless I made every hearthling a soldier, there’s no way I would survive these attacks. I once had a Safety rating stuck at 0.3, being attacked by zombies every night.

I understand that this game is still in Alpha, but it’s more than frustrating trying to get a good town up and running before having attacks overrun the town. I may be having a bad roll recently, but the last couple worlds have had my towns get run down by too many zombie and/or goblin attacks.

Is anyone else having this issue?

A successful town would need to keep an eye out for intruders won’t it? Its a balance, I suggest get 2 soldiers right away and arm them with stone mallet from the mason class and wooden shield. Be sure to group them together so you can send them around with the attack flag. When fending off the goblin attackers make sure to destroy their campfires too.