Alpha 10 FInal Release (r287 x64)

Some things from today:

Roads: Once a road has been destroyed there is no way to replace the ground or even the road. Trying to do so causes hearthlings to dig the road even deeper, ladders must be built to save them from starvation

Goblins: Two maps in a row, goblins have attacked my starting camp (2nd or 3rd day) with numbers so fierce my whole city is wiped out. Soliders carrying hammers and shields are no match for them. Walls were almost complete both times. A 3rd map i chose to accept the goblins terms, and gave them the 7 baskets of turnips they wanted. They never took the turnips (even though i had 40 in stock) and still attacked my village, again, completely overwhelming me

Zombies: Somtimes only one zombie will spawn. Sometimes, like with the goblins, mass amounts will spawn directly next to my new (before day 3) camp and overwhelm anything that lives. Besides the fact that its frustrating, its also quite entertaining watching the hearthlings scramble about.

Enjoying the bug and performance fixes. I find this game extremely addictive and am excited to see where the final product will take us

Some things from today:

Soldiers: Soliders will run blindly into a goblin camp, alone, and get slaughtered. They will even run out of my walled town and into the fray, which isnt needed as the walls are protecting the villagers. A button telling them to “return home” (or remain home even) would help

Hearthlings: If hearthling are told to chop a tree quite a ways from the camp, they will fall asleep and even just linger (after items are collected and gone) in the area. This usually results in they’re death if wolves are around. As with the soldiers, a command issuing them to “return home” would help

Combat Music: City is completely walled off, stopping all threats from reaching my citizens yet the nearest goblin camp keeps setting off the combat music trigger even though no enemy units are being dispatched towards my town. Perhaps being able to set “alarm zones” would help

Traders and Logs: On day 36 and i have yet to see a trader selling logs (or any wood objects for that matter) yet have seen 9 traders selling stone.

Mason: Set Stone Maul to = 1 (keep one in stockpile) and yet he builds 5 (the others were placed in the stockpile after each crafting)

Mining: When mining below ground level there is a huge amount of lag spikes even when not viewing the tier which is being mined