Enemies attack and the game tells you only when it's too late to save hearthlings

This has happened several times, at first I thought it might be that I haven’t seen a previous warning but nope.

I get notifications about attack groups close by, golems, goblins, orcs and Varanus…

Every now and then a single unit will spawn close to me and will start attacking my people while the only notification I would get be that a hearthling is low on HP and is about to die.

At this point they have only one hit left, they are slowed and they are cowering and thus not moving…

The game could just told me that it chose to execute a hearthling randomly.

A Kobold wolf was spawned and it attacked one of my chars inside my camp, no notification was given at all.

Why isn’t there a notification about every hostile around and why isn’t there a notification about a char that is being actively endangered\attacked\whatever?

I literally was invited by the game to watch my hearthling devoured to death.

wot iz dis.

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I agree that there should at least be an urgent notice when a civilian gets attacked.

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Although I understand what you say, could I ask if your camp is open ? No fences. For enemy to get in my camp they need break down a gate first and not many attack gates.

@DeMaggo - thanks for the support.

My camp has a world war style impassable trenches, is located on a cliff and has 3 successive stone doors just in the entrance tunnel.

Fence? I leave fences to those who do not suffer from existential paranoia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am running a bunker with a small farmland “anschluss” that has controlled entry points. That smelly Kobold wolf spawned in the middle of my farmland and no alarm was raised.

Wow on your farm land, I thought it might be a open area inside your base you did not build close to. This sound like a bug to me that it spawned on the farmland.

Given that enemy spawns are deterred by buildings, maybe that’s the problem since you’re using trenches. Each actual built building pushes the border out in that direction. Using trenches (and I’m a huge lover of trenches for defense) and farms might not trigger the “Do not spawn here” zone of protection.

Thanks @Averest, I’ve figured that much and have gone to place storage boxes around my fields.

Still, the lack of alarms every now and then is annoying.