Timing and Notification of Attacks / Potential Damage


Would it be possible to improve the danger / attack warning in two distinct but crucial areas.

  1. Attacks against walls / doors. At the current time you don’t get a warning when your walls / doors are being attacked. So it prevents the early warning and extra preparation they are meant to provide.

  2. Attacks / Potential Attacks on Hearthlings - at the moment the warning you get that a hearthling is under attack is so late in the day you have no chance to remedy the situation. The warning of imminent attack should be much earlier to permit you a chance to react and avoid the incoming attack.

Many thanks!


I agree completely, ive had monsters break into my camp without my knowing and wipe out half my population.

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If the delay of notification is due to a villager not seeing an enemy until it’s too late, then maybe an object like an alarm trip wire that would cause an alert could be crafted by an engineer would be wicked.


Other variations on this theme could also be to set up exclusion zones / boundaries to your property to stop hearthlings wandering into areas outside immediate control.

At the root of this discussion is how to gain more control over your surroundings to prevent /and react to attacks.

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