Increased timer between Low Health and Death

I’ve had the problem a few times due to building structures next to cliffs that the hearthlings get stuck and I don’t notice due to have slice on. By time I get the message, get someone to build a ladder etc. Their never seems enough time to get them out of the stuck situation and get them sleep/food before they die anyways.

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“Red Hearthling is about to DIE” “Green Hearthling needs food” :smiley:

That would be really handy. Usually by the time I get the low health warning its too late. Because even using the teleport command and then moving them right next to the food, they will prioritize sleep over food. They will then die in their sleep.
Also I generally don’t have a cleric in town or nearby as most times this is happening while I am fighting mobs.


Totally agree. The information message comes way too late, and if you manage to build a ladder in time, the hearthling often has a priority of resting instead of eating, and then dies in his bed… :sob: