People dying bechause they are stuck

hello my name is mike i got this game for a few days and i got a complain/suggestion that if people are stuck you get a warning not when they are almost dead.
when they are stuck you get a stuck warning.
so if you for example don’t build a ladder in a mine you get a warning after a time not when they are almost dead but a warning that they a stuck.
i would really like that this would be added in the game.
sorry if my english is a little bit bad
i live in the netherland and i am still on school so english i a little hard

greeting mike hollander


I’ll add an explanation to help you save Hearthlings from starving in dutch below:

Als je op ctrl+c drukt opent de console waar je commando’s in kunt voeren. Klik op de vastzittende hearthling en typ “teleport” in de console en druk op enter.
Er verschijnt een vlag als muis, als je klikt teleporteert je hearthling naar die vlag. Hierdoor kun je iemand redden die moeilijk ver bij je dorp vandaan vast zit

hey there @justmikegames, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if i’m not mistaken, in one of the more recent streams one of the team members (maybe @yshan?) said that they’d definitely like to give the players some kind of early warning when a hearthling is stuck, sooner than the one when the hearthling is almost dead.

so hopefully hopefully we’ll be seeing that in the near future. :slight_smile:


maybe they could make the number on the citizen tab turn red and flash or make the Hearthlings icons indicate trouble.

tnx hoef ik niet de hele tijd mijn gebouwen neer te halen als ze vast zitten