Stuck Hearthling Alert

I have a dream!
An alert similar to “invaders approaching” when someone is stuck.
The stuck condition may be determined like “I have no possibility to reach my objective and I’m tired hungry and unhappy”.


It would be nice to have something like a notification to let players know when Hearthlings are low on health/hungry or tired. Basically a way of knowing who you need to protect/nurture for.

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  1. Low-health notification is already in game.
  2. Hungry or tired notification hmm… Everyone is hungry sometimes! And the “hungry” status icon above the head is enough. I mean, you do not need to know the coordinates of a hungry hearthling. You need to know how much food you produce and consume. And the ratio of food ingredients needed for cooking. Anyway, I’m sure the Stoneherth Team is working on “favorite food mechanics” or something…
  3. Tired notification does not solve the problem. The TRUE problem of the current bed system is the fact that the bed does not lose the owner after being removed to stockpile. Please publish this in the suggestions :grinning:! If you have enough beds – no one ever gets too tired!
    The way I support the bed number is order to keep 1 mean and 1 comfy bed in the inventory. So there is always a new bed for a new settler.