Announcements for stucked and attacked hearthlings

It would be nice to add an announcement if a hearthling is idle for a longer time. This indicates that he got stuck most of the time.

This happened often to me if a hearthling mined too deep and couldn’t get out of the pit. As this takes place under the ground I didn’t noticed it. It is annoying to learn it the hard way (e.g. after an hour wondering why no work is done or when a hearthling died of starving).

The announcement might be something like “Hearthling <name> is idle for some time.”

Another thing I noticed was that there was no announcement when workers were attacked. In this case they digged deep into a mountain and then some wolves appeared in the cave (no “intruders” warning in this case). The workers kept digging but were losing health. I just noticed by luck. An announcement like “Heartling <name> is attacked by <monster>.” would be helpful. In this case I also wondered why the workers kept working. Ok, they ran away but then they returned there to lose more health. Is this intended?

current there is an ai spin notification. it will pop up similar to an error message. it will ask you if they are in a bad state. This could be changed to a button or other UI display. With an off or on choice in settings.

i just had my lvl 5 mason venture on top of the blacksmith forge with out me noticing it. I then get a warning with " heartling is low on health". the autosave goes on, and i try to rescue him with a ladder… the closest i get is a second before he dies… my only choices are now to go back on a manual savegame or start a new mason…
I wish the notification would have come a bit sooner, so there actual is a chance to rescue the heartling. dev 3013.