Two things I've mentioned on Reddit but not here

  1. We really need a warning for when any Hearthling is under attack. This shouldn’t be tough, since we get one when items are being stolen. Too many times I’ve suddenly received the message that a miner or trapper has died before I even realized there were Goblins on the map.

  2. I’ve noticed for some items that “Maintain X in stockpile” leads to X+1 being in the stockpile. I notice it quite a bit more with tools produced by the carpenter. There seems to always be at least 2 wooden swords, shepherd’s crook, etc. when I’m telling the workshop to maintain only 1 in the stockpile. Could be some sort of issue with an array starting at 0 instead of 1 or vice versa.


I think I’ve seen someone mentioning this issue long ago, so I’ve changed the category to Suggestions, as your first point seems a really good one.