Enemy engaged or seen, villages attack it and die

I have played two games now, both as Rayya’s Children mid-ish game my units will charge the enemy, they are in over their heads and die. If I tell them to disengage they run back out as soon as them can.

1st time this happened to me, it was a lone warrior charging wolves.

2nd time 2 warriors charge an ork village leader died, then entire village charge him sometimes one at a time. My entire village ran to their deaths one by one. only way to stop this was guard mode, but when I turned it off, off they went to die?

yea that’s frustrating.

Can I not do a retreat / ignore / don’t attack.

Also if a unit runs low on health they run away a bit but then charge back in. What is going ON?

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Hey there @shogun_V, welcome to the Discourse! Unless I am misunderstanding you, this sounds like expected behavior. If a combat unit sees an enemy, they will attempt to attack it. The only way to stop this is to tell your combat unit to move out of range of the enemy.

As for your villagers attempting to attack, I am assuming they did so after your combat unit died - therefore they were going for loot and not to attack. You can prevent this by using the cancel action tool in the harvest menu.

For the run away then back - that has to do with your Hearthling’s spirit level vs the enemy menace. The lower your health, the higher spirit you need to prevent the Hearthling from fleeing.

Please let me know if this is the case, or if I am misunderstanding.

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