Stop hearthlings from being idiots

I have a problem that the idiots keep going towards groups of goblins and getting themselves killed.

I have to keep putting the town in alert mode to drag them back and even then they still hang around and get themselves killed.

Until locked doors becomes common instead of engineer-specific, here are some workarounds I have:

  1. use town alert to pull them all back into town.
  2. Disable “haul” for all hearthlings (there is a convenient suspend button in hearthling list ui) if there are many items outside town and disable “job” for hearthlings which needs to go outside (e.g. trapper)
  3. turn town alert off. With luck, your lemm… I mean hearthlings, should stay inside now.
  4. Alternatively, from step 1, prepare some extra fences and move them to seal the entrance to your town so that your hearthlings cannot path outside. (take note that if your military is inside, they will be blocked as well. which can be what you want or not, depending on your strategy). Personally, I prefer this as it leaves less room for “stupidity” :wink: If you use this method, you will need to turn on “Haul” and release the hearthlings from townwatch. Hopefully, they will block the opening with fences before anybody tries to path outside.

Thanks… there just seems that they need some kind of common sense. they were travelling a fair distance to pickup a weapon that a footman dropped when he wandered to the group on his own and got killed…

Or maybe some kind of way to mark an area to no go near…