Just an idea... :)

Hey there people,

just got an idea to get a better management or how to say… gaming experience… :slight_smile:

e.g. Just got the Problem sometime my hearthlings won´t return to their “base”… so they start starving and maybe sometimes they just died cause of this…

Now my idea is very simple… maybe the dev-team like the idea :slight_smile:

Just implement a feature to call all hearthlings back to a special location, maybe the flag or the camp fire… ^^

thx for reading :smile:

see u next time :smiley:

if u want u can comment this ^^



there is somewhat a way to do this…if you put all hearthlings in one party and place an attack flag at home base, they will all rush to that spot unless they are stuck (which would explain why they won;t return to base)


ah damn it :smiley: that´s clever ^^ never thought about this simple trick -.-" ^^

yeah ok ok then thx a lot :wink:

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also, if they are like stuck on nothing, then you can press “r” to activate town defense mode and then press “r” again and to deactivate. it should reset their pathfinding which sometimes glitches and causes them to freeze up