Return to Player Territory if Idle

└ is clearly not a programmer. Or, at least not a Lua programmer. :stuck_out_tongue:

IF Hearthling.status = idle AND Hearthling.location != “Player Territory” THEN “Return to Player Territory”


That would be nice indeed

Or go to next / near next player owned building.

Good suggestion by the way :smile:

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Though rather than add a lot of calculations to determine areas, perhaps just have them return to the firepit / flag, like how spare peasants would sit in front of the keep in the Stronghold games? If no firepit / flag is present they can just idle as normal.

Well, the game is already calculating the player territory for other reasons (monster spawn placement, etc). Plus, it could be a long way to walk to consider yourself back inside safe territory if you had to path all the way back to a flag or fire pit. My thought with choosing anything the game considers player territory was just to get them back within reasonable range of protection.

In theory, at least, the player will have turrets, patrols and strategically placed stockpiles/farms to encourage regular military presence, which should ensure a relative amount of safety.