Living quarters / work district

having the ability to sign living quarters / work district would be a nice idea as well I think it would help with the citizens AI
what I mean by this let’s say I saw a sign a citizen to be a farmer and make a farming district now that farmer doesn’t have to run all over the place


Cool idea!

I may have some good news for you though…

There’s a planned feature later on that enables the player to assign buildings, beds… or just property in general to specific Hearthlings.

So for instance, I have my main town and then a little ways away there’s a small house for my farmer.

With this Ownership feature, you can assign that small farmer’s house and the bed inside to an actual farmer. Once then, he’ll make that place his residence and sleep and work there!

So, not exactly what you recommended, but it’s pretty close!

Either way, cool idea!


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It may help the AI but won’t solve the bugs. Having a 200X200 area or a 10X10 area doesn’t prevent HL from being idle, etc.
It’s still a suggestion liked by a lot of “Discoursers” :slight_smile:

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